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Reasons to Upgrade to SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 are no longer supported. SharePoint 2013 is not fully compatible with latest browsers.  More....

  • SharePoint 2016 is faster and more stable
  • SharePoint 2016 has new hybrid mode capabilities, improving the user experience. Office 365 easily integrates with SharePoint 2016, and running in SharePoint hybrid mode, you can use Cloud Hybrid Search and Sites, Delve, Groups, OneDrive for Business, Profile Redirection and more. This extends the capabilities of workloads that remain heavily on-premises.
  • Do you value compliance and security? If so, then you will like the data loss prevention that is baked into the new SharePoint as well as the new eDiscovery, security and privacy features. SharePoint 2016 enables you to identify, monitor and protect sensitive data as well,
  • Cloud Hybrid Search is a real plus (building on that last point). Hosting your index in the cloud enables you to display all of your results on one page without having to use Result Blocks. Results from O365 and on premises are listed together by relevancy.
  • FIM was replaced by MIM, Microsoft Identity Manager which is simpler and more stable.

Contact us if we can help you plan what it would take to upgrade

17 Years as SharePoint architects designing complex workflows, managing 3rd party tools, InfoPath's, and designing intranets/internets

Our proven installation methods build farms from scripts that provide extremely solid base foundations, and the capability to add additional servers as needed that are identically configured. We once installed a 12 server farm over a weekend!

As the actual engineering work has become easier we have been able to focus more on architecture and planning. This ensures our clients get a system that is right sized for them at any given time, and yet retains the capability to expand as needed in a graceful way.

SharePoint Farm Design and Web Design  

SharePoint is simple to install, but very hard to set up correctly.

We provide a solid SharePoint installation using best practices, which is fundamental to a highly available and dependable SharePoint farm.

Our design services include right-sizing your farm for your current needs and building it so it's easy to scale.

  • Services Configuration & Balancing
  • Automated PowerShell based installations
  • Performance Tuning
  • Designing and planning a logical and physical solution is key to ensuring an optimum user experience and providing a solution that will scale in the future.
  • Our technical architects work with our clients to ensure the architecture is achieved.
  • We are able to provide end to end solutions like corporate intranets and website experiences.

Much more than ‘brochure-ware presence.’

We can provide site visitors with more valuable interactive services that deepen the user experience, resulting in an action being taken.

SharePoint’s ability to deliver social features, including user profiles, blogs, wikis and discussions boards, is a good example of how an organization can quickly provide end-users with a richness of information that strengthens both customer relationships and their brand.

We can Migrate You Up to the Latest Version On-Premise, Private Cloud, or O365 with Zero Downtime for Users

We are experts in determining your growth strategy and then migrating SharePoint from a single server to a multi-server environment. Our SharePoint Upgrade Services have helped clients smoothly transition to new SharePoint environments. Support and training are a part of each project.

Work with our experienced SharePoint consultants to curtail the risk, time and effort required to consolidate, migrate and reorganize content.

  • Does your data need to be reorganized?
  • What worked well or poorly in your last SharePoint version?
  • Does your information architecture need to be updated?
  • Will your governance plans need to be reviewed and updated?

Microsoft Patterns and Practices for SharePoint Portal Development  

We are craftsmen and have executed many complex migrations and consolidations for hundreds of large enterprises. We have a proven Method for Success.  We also have an entire productivity pack to streamline user training, enhance navigation, and more...

Our Services

  • Analysis and Assessment
  • SharePoint Version Upgrades
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Farm(s) Consolidation
  • Reorganization of Sites and Web Applications
  • Branding Upgrades
We will find 3rd party code, event receivers, orphaned files and security users, database errors, and do what is needed is clean and patch up your current SharePoint. Then we run test migrations until we have your farm ready for cutover to the next version. Many of our migrations have almost zero business interruptions.SharePoint Upgrade Process
  • Map Servers & Farms
  • Assess Current SharePoint (using our toolkit), identify content for upgrade or migration, solutions, web parts, and custom code.
  • Prepare Test Environment
    (Hardware or VM)
  • Backup Current Content Databases
  • Run a Trial Migration and analyze conversion logs.
  • Make Corrections to farm
  • REPEAT 4-6 as needed
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • User Accessibility Testing
  • Prepare Production SharePoint Environment
  • Schedule Upgrade
  • Perform Upgrade
  • Apply Visual Upgrade & Branding
  • Customization of overall UI, pages, and navigation

Information architecture is addressing the built-in boundaries within portals. These elements are important to get right the first time and ensure they meet the goals of your portal.

  • Site Collection & databases
  • Authentication providers
  • Branding
  • Cross-site Navigation
  • Shared Metadata & content types

60% of information workers say that it is hard to find the right information

75% of information workers say that finding the right information is critical to the organization's success

Effective use of SharePoint Meta Data in a Library 

In many organizations, SharePoint fails to deliver on its promise. We can fix that with Smart goals alignment.

SharePoint SMART Goals Ensure The Job is Done Effectively and EfficientlyThere is no need to over-complicate SharePoint Governance. Its planning is a set of rules that help facilitate the use, maintenance and operations of your SharePoint.  Smart goals ensure SharePoint truly helps your company.

SharePoint Governance For Web Design and Portal Development

Our Governance Services

  • Creating custom site templates that make sense for your company
  • Configure a scripted process to set-up new sites with proper security
  • Leveraging the centralized features of SharePoint's system
  • Implement Site Lifecycle Management Policies to prune unused sites

Ask Us About Zero Down-Time Migrations

Save the time and costs by taking advantage of our pre-made 
Microsoft SharePoint AppsSharePoint apps

SharePoint Topic Drilldown

SharePoint Support

Let us will build your SharePoint
Server, or server farm, and keep it up-to-date with our proactive maintenance and unlimited support. Take advantage of the expertise of a leading Gold Partner specialized in SharePoint.

Microsoft Gold Partner SharePoint Consultants

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