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  These videos highlight SharePoint's many features and please visit the dozen plus (and growing) business applications we built to supercharge your portal.
Why Use SharePoint
Using SharePoint your people can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions for specific needs, and find the right business information to make better decisions. For IT, SharePoint helps you cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher business priorities.
SharePoint Composites
Building business solutions without development! Composites allow users to create solutions to business problems in graphic tools without having to create or compile code by hand. Of course, all of the solutions and achievements that the users have made can be shared through the SharePoint farm server with others. The basic goal of Composites is to make everyday business problems much easier through its solutions.
SharePoint PerformancePoint Builds Dashboards Fast
Dashboards were never easier! Learn about PerformancePoint Web Parts, filters, page navigation, and report types and some basic operations on a dashboard.
Dashboard Tour
Analytic Charts and Pie Charts
SharePoint Business Connectivity Services
SharePoint can connect to your backend systems and connect your systems together with SharePoint as the bridge! Imagine an ad hoc list that was able to pull customer numbers and address from your accounting system. Use your imagination and you'll see why BCS makes us excited.
SharePoint Governance "Don't Get Stung"
Understand the importance of a solid SharePoint Governance Plan. What should be included in your organization's plan, and how to get started.
What Can SharePoint do for you?
Good introduction to basic SharePoint site features for collaborating and sharing information; includes document and picture libraries; lists for contacts, tasks, announcements, and events; and discussion boards
The Buzz
Productivity, Efficiency, Agility. Catch a glimpse of the exciting work customers are rolling out across their enterprise.
Improving Business Insight
Obtain relevant decision oriented information using BI features of SharePoint.
Improved organization efficiency
A unified collaboration environment has many returns as show in this Forrester study.
Business Intelligence
Overview of how it's used to analyze data from an end user perspective. Shows off many Microsoft BI products working together, and how they are logically used to make proactive decisions.
What's in SharePoint? All the following...
Document Management Solutions
Centralize meta-data management
Manage multiple reports online using SSRS
Business Intelligence
Empowers everyone to be a decisions maker
SharePoint is now a no-code application dev environment
Document Libraries
Share documents securely with anyone.
Contact Lists
Organize business contacts.
Online Calendars
Schedule group meetings and events.
Image Libraries
Store and share images securely.
Task Manager
Manage tasks & activities for your team.
Conduct online surveys in minutes.
Create and manage your information.
Meeting Workspaces
Store meeting information in one place.
Let users create your web content and edit freely.
Issue Tracking
Track issues and bugs as your project goes along.
Post thoughts and ideas online with your own blog.
Web Sites
Create your own personal web site. Its simple to edit.
Project Sites
Create team sites specific to projects and groups.
Employee Directory
Keep track of employee information in one place.
Export to Excel
Send spreadsheets and reports to Excel.
Outlook Integration
Manage email and calendars in Outlook.
PowerPoint Slides
Manage your presentations from the library.
Office Integration
New integration with Word, Excel, Access.
Mobile Access
WAP browser compatibility for your SharePoint sites.
Gantt Charts
Organize, schedule, assign and track projects.
Exchange ideas, comments, and more.
Set alerts and reminders for big dates and tasks.
Post and share important announcements.
RSS Feeds
Get the latest news and interests with RSS feeds.

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