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SharePoint Training

Custom training planned for your team's needs!
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SharePoint Training Seminars

Are you struggling to learn how to use and implement SharePoint in your organization? Our training courses can be customized to your specific, saving you hours of frustration and confusion.

  • Sessions packed with lots of SharePoint techniques, tips and best practices
  • Unlimited number of attendees from your organization 
  • Ability to ask questions during the session
  • Knowledgeable and passionate instructor
SharePoint Webinar Training

In addition to custom webinars, or deploying our InfoPedia knowledge center, we can design training for your needs!.

Online works well as a follow-up to Onsite training or when training a large user population for wide-scale implementations.

  • Sessions packed with SharePoint techniques, tips and best practices
  • Unlimited number of attendees from your organization 
  • Ability to ask questions during the session
  • Knowledgeable and passionate instructor
SharePoint Multimedia Training

We have built a comprehensive user training site called "Infopedia - The Knowledge Center" which contains hundreds of step-by-step pages and videos. This can be added to and revised for your specific company knowledge.

We routinely bundle this with our migration or upgrade projects to ensure your users are well prepared for their new SharePoint. Infopedia center can easily be customized, extended, and branded for your organization's needs

We provide one-on-one training sessions to guide you through every stage from template setup and modifications to publishing and launch.

This session is setup to meet your unique customization needs. It provides one-on-one training sessions to guide you through your site template creation from planning, building, modifications through publishing the custom site template.

Prior to the sessions a survey and questionnaire will be filled out to assist with the planning of the customized sessions. A customized training plan will be put together to guide the training sessions.

Contact us today to plan your custom training sessions.

For Information Workers who want to learn how to maximize the value of SQL reports.

Session 1: Getting Started

This session provides the introduction to where Reporting Services and Report Builder and how it fits into business processes, the requirements for using it and provides a framework for the rest of the course.

  • Create reports with table, matrix, chart, and free-form report layouts
  • Report from a variety of data sources
  • Modify your data by filtering, grouping and sorting data, or by adding formulas or expressions
  • Saving your report
  • Formatting your report
  • Demo – Add a parameter to your report

Session 2: How to create Shared Data Source and visually display the data

This session will get into data sources, how to create multiple data sources and then how to use your data sources to make charts and graphs.

  • Creating your Datasource
  • How to Create and Use Charts
  • Demo – Creating a Chart
  • Using Sparkline's, Gauges, Indicators and Maps
  • Demo – Creating a Gauge

Session 3: Advanced Features

Reports can be very powerful when they reuse parts and use interactive features. Users will learn how to re-use parts, create linked reports and more.

  • Start your report with report parts created by someone else on your team
  • Creating report parts
  • Add interactive features such as document maps, show/hide buttons
  • Demo: Create a Report Part to share
  • How to add drill through links to sub-reports and drill down reports
  • Embed or reference images and other resources, including external content
  • Demo: Create Nested Data

Session 4: Manage Your Report

Now that the report is created users will learn all the options for managing the report, where to put it, how to push the data out to users.

  • Save the definition of the report to your computer or to the report server
  • Choose a presentation format when you open the report, or after you open the report
  • Generate data feeds
  • Setting Display options
  • Troubleshooting report issues and backing up reports
  • Export formats and considerations
  • Demo: How to setup a data feed for your report

Session 5: The Report Server

Users will learn how to publish reports to a SharePoint server portal, how to setup subscriptions and to organize the reports on the server.

  • Publishing a report to the report server
  • Organize your reports using folders
  • Using a development area vs. a production area for report continuity
  • How to automate running your reports
  • Setup subscriptions
  • Saving Data sets to the server
  • Demo: Organizing your Reports and data

We'll gladly perform training using your SharePoint sites for hands-on learning!

Meet some of our trainers

SharePoint Trainer Jeanne Conde 

Jeanne Conde 
Certifications include Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor, Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) in SharePoint

SharePoint Trainer Toby Leong 

Toby Leong
A Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) in SharePoint. Well known as "the most patient man alive."​​​