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    IT Asset Management
    How Much Do You Know About Your IT Assets?
    Probably not everything you need to know. But Asset Tracker does.

    Your company’s IT asset management is essential. Every moment servers, tools, or data storage is at jeopardy is a moment you lose money. The value of your IT assets alone likely makes up a large part of your company’s overall value. Asset Management made simple to ensure business continuity and being able to recover from emergencies as well as better management.

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    Why did we build it?

    ​The details of your company’s IT assets are complicated. But these details are crucial to production. This is especially true in the unforeseen, unavoidable emergencies. The majority of time invested in resolving an emergency is in one thing – information-gathering. Asset Tracker eliminates this loss by providing you with instant access to everything you need to know: warranty expirations, service agreements, maintenance schedule, equipment information, and more .Asset management may not seem worth the effort but it can be a big money-saver. For example, using an asset management system to put systems on a maintenance schedule, and track warranty expirations can help smooth operations and reduce emergency response time. Asset Tracker makes it simple to locate warranty expirations, service agreements. And best of all during an emergency you can find what goes where and is needed to restore. ​

    What does it do?

    Asset Tracker gives you needed information immediately in one easy-to-use place. Maintain a comprehensive database of all company assets, including location, condition, manufacturer, model, current owner, and value. An efficient approval system processes requests in a straightforward workflow, with options for automatic purchase and tracking.

    Most importantly, we know that your company has distinct processes and objectives. We customize these processes to help you succeed in your unique needs.

    • Quickly locate asset information with clear search, filter, and sort functions.
    • Cut down on time and prevent halts in production by storing all asset data and details.
    • Highly-extendable and detailed reports using dependable SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
    • Import data from multiple sources, and link information to other systems.

    Stay on track with Asset Tracker.

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