Asset Tracking system for SharePoint



  • AssetTracker

    ​Business continuity and high-availability depends on excellent documentation systems. Asset Tracker makes it easy.

    Why did we build it?

    IT people are often called upon to add this to their workload. This tool changes the dynamic so that assets can be found quickly and easily, warranty expirations, service agreements deadlines are not missed. And best of all during an emergency you can find what database goes to what application on what virtual machine on what host and what databases are needed to restore. ​SharePoint provides all the needed components for a robust solution to make tracking your assets easier and can be augmented with a ticket system and additional dashboards

    What does it do?

    Asset Tracker allows staff to manage requests and tracking of assets such as location, condition, manufacturer, model, current owner and estimated value. The approval workflow allows processing of requests by appropriate management staff and once approved & purchased automatically transfer request to an asset for tracking. We can customize the approval process needed, data to be tracked and how to archive assets based on your business requirements.

    • Search, filter, sort record
    • Reporting using SSRS is highly extensible.
    • Import data from other sources and link to other systems