People Finder SharePoint Staff Directory and OrgChart



  • People Finder
    ​Find People, Phones, Offices and Email Fast!

    A one click app to to quickly find employee contact information. Generate printable department lists and see a staff directory of managers, and direct reports from AD or a list.

    Why did we build it?

    ​​​​This app makes it simple to find and connect with any employee in your organization with a single click. People Finder makes it quick and easy to locate and contact the person you need by name, title, office or department whether your staff is large or small, centralized or spread across the globe.

    What does it do?

    Finds people fast!

    People Finder allows you to enter part of a name and a pop-up list is generated to show you full names, departments, locations, field offices and lines of reporting across your organization. The fields you require are configured with the web browser and navigation in any direction is easy via hyperlinks. There are many fields possible to configure via a web browser. .

    • The People Finder app can search by name, department, office, city or title
    • Integrate discreetly into your home page due to its small size
    • Filter fields with one click
    • View contact information by grid or tile with employee photos
    • View contacts by department, manager and direct reports
    • Drag and drop group contacts by a department or another required category
    • Search Active Directories entire forest or a specific tree
    • Search by name, position and department, city, and title.
    • Generate printable department lists and see a mini staff directory of managers, and direct reports
    • Powerful and flexible to use data is from Active Directory or a SharePoint list. No dependency on User Profile Service
    • Searches Active Directory's entire forest or specific tree. Can combine OUs.
    • User configurable to choose fields to present in search results
    • Small size to integrate in the site design, no need for a separate page