HR SimpleHire onboarding solution



  • SimpleHire
    Staff Hiring & Onboarding Automation

    Elevate the value of your new employee onboarding with SP Onboarding by automating administrative task & form tracking so you can invest more time in the critical human elements of onboarding new hires instead of spending all your time making sure the right forms are filled out.

    Why did we build it?

    ​​The process of onboarding staff involves multiple stakeholders, considerable time, re-keying of data and high administration costs. It can be prone to error and involve lengthy delays to complete. Our onboarding solution is flexible, easy to implement and customizable to ensure it fits within your environment and business processes.​

    What does it do?

    Auto generate notifications and documentation to stakeholders to set up for the new employee and can integrate with recruitment or payroll systems.

    • Dashboards to easily track status of all onboarding tasks
    • Auto-generate notification e-mails for assigned tasks for onboarding
    • Manage model tasks list to easily update onboarding process and assignments
    • Track all necessary documentation and forms in one location
    • Reporting to track progress, effectiveness and much more​