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Our all-U​​SA-based engineers respond to your issues within minutes and you’re not wasting time navigating an extensive voice prompt call tree, communication challenges from an overseas call center, complicated online portals, or explaining your issue over and over as you’re escalated to someone who can actually help. See our Managed Services Datasheet

SimpleSharepoint is a SharePoint managed service provider that can unburden your team from the maintenance and management of Microsoft SharePoint technologies, or serve as a safety net for your team to use as needed. Whether you call or submit a support ticket online you will get prompt professional service.
✔ Select
Stability & Functionality

per Farm /mo
Billed annually or
$990 month-to-month

Farm Maintenance
✔ Core Services
(see below) 
Preventive Mainte​nance
Annual documentation
(4) SQL Maintenance Plans Management
SharePoint / SQL Server Tuning
Quarterly Patches & Updates Installs


Wednesday Webinars
✔ Premier
Farm Maintenance
Monthly Enhancements
Priority Support

per Farm /mo
Billed annually or
$2,100 month-to-month

Farm Maintenance
✔ Core Services
(see below) 
Preventive Maintenance
Quarterly Farm documentation
(4) SQL Maintenance Plans Management
SharePoint / SQL Server Tuning
Quarterly Patches & Updates Installs
Reporting: security, capacity, usage
Provision (2) Managed Paths & (2) SC
Change Control Management
Farm Servers Additions as Needed
(Commissioning/Decommissioning for replacing faulty servers or farm growth)
Wednesday Webinars
Four (4) hours monthly enhancements
✔ Premium+
Farm Maintenance
Monthly Enhancements
Priority Support
All Our Portal Software
$10,000+ value

per Farm /mo
Billed annually or
$3,200 month-to-month

Farm Maintenance
✔ Core Services
(see below) 
Preventive Maintenance
Monthly Farm documentation
(8) SQL Maintenance Plans Management
SharePoint / SQL Server Tuning
Monthly Patches & Updates Installs
Reporting: security, capacity, usage
Provision all Managed Paths & SC
Change Control Management
Farm Servers Additions as Needed
(Commissioning/Decommissioning for replacing faulty servers or growth)
Wednesday Webinars
Eight (8) hours monthly enhancements
Three (3) Page Layouts
Workflow Troubleshooting

Rights to use any of our Sharepoint Apps

​☑ Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services Experts 

  • Support for configuration troubleshooting of SharePoint services
  • Support Tickets Portal Track progress of your submitted tickets to our support system as we update in real time; full transparency lends to a confident working relationship.
  • Pick up the phone and speak to a technical person right away. Get quick advice and direction or help us understand the full scope of the issue.
    * Fair Usage Policy applies. Mon-Fri, 9:00 am–5:00 pm. EST
  • Remote Web Assistance Demonstrate any issues in the environment where they occur. 
    *Fair Usage Policy applies. 24-hour lead time. Subject to scheduling availability, 9 am–4:30 pm, Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays.
  • Issue Escalation Escalate your tickets to the highest priority in our support queue or to Microsoft Gold Partner support if required. *Fair Usage Policy applies. 16-hour maximum lead time for each response Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays.
    • Managed Path Management
    • WEB Application Security
    • Adjusting SSL certificates & SSL Config
    • Site Quota Management
    • Creation of Content Databases
    • Site Collection(s) Creation
    • Role Delineation among servers
    • Service Application Creation & config
    • Web Application creation and config
    • Site Collection Security
    • Regional Settings
    • User Alerts
    • RSS Configuration
    • Site Output Cache
    • Moving Sites Within a Site Collection
    • Uploading and Installing Templates
    • Apply an installed Theme to a Site
    • Config Document Conversion Services
    • Site Collection Feature Management
    • Managing a Sites Navigation
    • Edit a Title, Description, or Icon
    • Create Management Paths & Alternate Access Mappings
    • Service-Pack & Hot-fix application
    • Add new Servers to the farm
    • Install & Configure Third Party Web-Parts
    • Master Pages and Page Layouts
    • Resetting a Site Definition
    • Applying and Managing Page Layouts
    • Configuring InfoPath Forms Services


The support contract is valid for addressing SharePoint stability and performance (care and feeding). In some cases, this will also apply to web browsers, Microsoft Office, Outlook, IIS, firewalls, and other related software so that our users can configure these to work best with SharePoint and our Portals Software products. However, we do not offer free support on how to enhance SharePoint, or to develop new solutions. These extras can happily be accommodated on an hourly basis.

Free Software upgrades are included in the Premium Support Agreement. As our Portals Software templates are built on top of Microsoft's, we often have to adapt our products as Microsoft adapts their own. Our upgrade processes are always easy to perform, and we ensure users will have no problems upgrading their installations to work with the latest and best version.

Our Responsibility

  • Correction of all issues that prevent a correct usage of SharePoint Servers technologies
  • Your e-mails answered within 24 hours*
  • A scheduled IM conference within 36 hours*
  • A scheduled telephone or Lync/Skype conference within 36 hours*
  • Remote connection services

Client Responsibility

We request that your organization assign a Responsible Person for each of the SP Portals Software products used. This can be the same person for several products. If other users send error reports to us we will answer with a copy to the Responsible Person in case we think the user might need assistance from the Responsible Person. 

We have made an effort to document each product with video demonstrations and a manual. This documentation is carefully built, and we request that your Responsible Person studies it and makes an effort to learn the product. During that process, we will, of course, answer any questions or explain anything that might be unclear. That way we will learn how to make the documentation better!

A Premium+ Subscription adds all our Apps!

The Premium level gives the right to use all our Apps while a managed support agreement is in place. A Premium Subscription gives all the benefits of the Standard Subscription plus these extra privileges:

  • Organizational licenses for all requested SimplePortals Solutions. There is no limit on the number of solutions. There is no per-user fee and no restrictions on the number of users or installations, as long as they are within the subscribing organization, and a valid managed services agreement is in place.
  • Free support. Should you encounter issues with your SimplePortals apps, we are here to stand behind our work, and assist in your needs!
  • VIP treatment in all contacts. We hear requests from all Community Members, subscribing or non-subscribing, yet we listen carefully to Premium Subscribers; we know that those who subscribe to excellence require the best for their business, and a Premium Subscriber with a problem will be assisted with the highest priority. 
  • A Unique copy of each SimplePortals app requested by the Premium Subscriber. This copy has the Premium Subscriber logo on the major forms, and no registration is needed.
  • Additional Notes: installation and customization time is used from your monthly hours. Some of our apps have dependencies on advanced SharePoint or SQL services, or InfoWise solutions.​​
☑​ SharePoint is all we do
Microsoft Gold Partner - Portals and Collaboration