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We Provide Powerful Business Applications You Can Customize using Only Your Browser

With rising demands on employees to get more done more quickly, enterprises are turning to no-code software creation tools, which enable workers to quickly and simply create the basic apps they need. It's never been easier, to create, innovate and share, all you need is your web browser! We provide many full featured apps with support to jump-start getting more from your SharePoint!
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Requirements Gathering

Our in-depth assessment process ensures all your user and business requirements are addressed.


Application Modernization

Evolve your current applications by making SharePoint the interface. Legacy systems can get a new look. We’ll make the change painless.


Solution Design & Architecture

Integrate your current applications to maximize productivity and manage your enterprise.


Front-end Design

Familiar, intuitive and custom portals help get your employees love your portal, and have you seeing a return, fast..


Gain Real-time Data

Update and access real-time information across all system through your portal. Improve user experience by providing access to all information via a single access point across all applications.


Cloud Integration

On-Premises Line of Business data can be displayed in both SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online.

With SharePoint's framework, it no longer makes sense to spend valuable time and money building business apps from the ground up.

SharePoint Platform Agnostic

Maximize your SharePoint with our apps

  • Microsoft Office 365 / Azure / On Premise
  • Licensing is a simple one-time fee.
    Your first year of support and all updates to our apps are included free. 
  • Training and customization is always available
    SharePoint is a tool and only as good as it fits your needs. We are always avalible for support and training.
  • Fantastic Support
    We want your long term business and will help with prompt support, screen sharing sessions, across time zones, all from our support staff in the USA.

Our Apps are Designed to be Client Maintained Using Only a Browser.

We'll help you as much as you wish but you won't be dependent on us for updates.



Porteo Intranet
A turn-key SharePoint intranet that can change the way your organization communicates.

Porteo intranet for SharePoint and Office 365

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HRStar Suite
A one-stop shop for HR department tasks!

A portal for HR to manage hiring activities, onboarding, employee performance process, and time off management

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Performance Review
HR Staff performance reviews at your fingertips.

Get a clear picture of your staff's performance with this intuitive review solution.

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Add tabs for a compact display of information.

Add tabs for display of multiple web parts in a web part zone.

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Planboard Digital Workspace
Apply Kanban methodology with this interactive cardbox tool.

Apply Kanban methodology with this interactive cardbox tool.

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A simple webpart to place notes on a webpage.

Ensure your notes and instructions are read with this eye-catching webpart for maximum noticeability.

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People Finder
Find your staff quickly with the People Finder solution.

Locate people by name within your organization and find out their contact info and department.

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A stylish extra panel to display information globally.

Get one thirs more page display with one button. A stylish extra panel to display information globally.

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Welcome Banner
An eye-catching personalized greeting webpart.

A branded, personalized greeting webpart that engages your staff or clients and welcomes them to your site.

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Accordion Menus
Expand & contract local navigation menus.

Stylish and intuitive local navigation menus to ease navigation clutter and increase efficiency.

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Find & Hire Your Staff Talent with this Flexible App

​Create and manage candidates with advanced HR recruitment process using an interactive, user-friendly SharePoint site.

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Brand Unity for your Company Culture

Asset Management Solution.

A robust solution to make tracking your assets easier.

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Dress up your home page with this image rotator

Add a modern image and link display that is easy to use and maintain!

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Question Center for Porteo
Gather ideas and triage questions with this solution.

Collect ideas and the benefits of an all-in-one automated idea management solution.

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SimpleLearning Portal
A SharePoint training management tool.

A SharePoint training management tool.

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A step-by-step SharePoint training solution.

Step-by-step SharePoint training with hundreds of pages & videos -easy to customize for your business.

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Easily manage your out of office requests and time off.

Easily manage your out of office requests and time off.

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Simplify your hiring process with this solution.


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Project Central
​Organize and analyze your projects with this solution.

A project portfolio management system for organizations to track many projects via milestones and dashboards.

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SharePoint Mega Menus
A tool to quickly create and style efficient menus.

Allows content owners to create and style mega menus directly from the browser without the need to create custom HTML.

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We Have a Friendly Team of Experts

Designers, and testers who specialize in every major software development platform including HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, CSS, Node.js, Microsoft (ASP.NET MVC, C#, VB, SQL Server), Mobile (iOS native, Android native, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap).