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Business Process Automation involves the conversion of manual, paper-based processes to an electronic system that removes most of their inherent lag times, variability, and human errors. Most people already understand the benefits of automation, but they may not know what types of processes can be automated – or how to automate them.

When our clients ask us for solutions we deliver in the simplest way possible. We use out-of-the-box features if possible, and architect solutions in the simplest way, for the sake of better value for clients, better maintainability of the system, and because it's the logical thing to do.

If you are still using Excel spreadsheets for running your operations - then we can put SharePoint to work for you!

SimplePortals builds forms and workflows to improve processes including:

  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Faster time to delivery, whether of a product or service
  • Streamlining disparate technologies that support business activities
  • Improving employee productivity by automating human collaborative processes
  • Partner interactions
  • Administrative efficiencies and costs

Imagine... orders that are entered over the web that flow directly into your order management application for routing and approval, proposals that convert to projects with all template data pre-populated and security setup, knowledge bases populated directly from resolutions posted in your service management solution, or position requisitions that are automatically updated when a candidate responds.

These are all examples of business automation using forms and workflows. We incorporate your business rules to route the right work, with the right information, to the right people, at the right time to allow better, more informed business decisions.

By integrating business data from back-end systems into the process, we allow real-time information to be surfaced in forms, portals, and documents and rendered on any device allowing for real-time business decisions. And we manage the automation with a user-friendly, personalized task list that shows a user all of their outstanding work, with links to perform the task. And all tasks can be sent via multiple sources such as email and instant message to ensure the work is received. And overdue tasks can be escalated via reminder emails or potentially re-routed to someone who can perform the work.

Composites help you increase productivity of your organization with no-code collaborative solutions

Let us add power to the software your users already know! SharePoint is a platform for building composite applications with Microsoft Office

  • Building blocks to assemble, connect and configure collaborative business solutions.
  • Process automation and data validation with Forms.
  • Visio services integration for data visualization. Composites are intended to accelerate the process of solution production through easy to use WYSIWYG tools. Composites allow users to create solutions to business problems in graphic tools without having to create or compile the code by hand.

We can develop a custom application for your unique needs in days rather than weeks.

In today's business environment, it no longer makes sense to spend valuable time and money building software products from the ground up. That's why we use SharePoint as a platform - it's web-based, natively supports business automation and workflow, enterprise search, and a sophisticated security model that satisfies even the most complex requirements.

SharePoint as a Software Development PlatformMicrosoft SharePoint Development Platform

Our Development Process
Our SharePoint Development Process

BCS (Business Connectivity Services)

SharePoint is a one stop shop for your end users by presenting and interfacing all line of business application data.

A Common Scenario

A business currently has a home-grown system that they use. The interface has gotten outdated, but the information interfaced is still valuable to the organization and its employees. All the data is stored in databases (either SQL, Oracle, DB2 etc.). The question now is whether to build another home-grown system from scratch?

A Solution

Use SharePoint as the main presentation layer that interfaces data from various sources in the organization. Office workers don't have to remember which application to use for which purpose. SharePoint is a one stop shop for your end users by presenting and interfacing all line of business application data (such as SAP, Siebel, custom databases).

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SharePoint Managed Services

SharePoint continues to be a challenge for many organizations. We can provide expertise and we'll invest in understanding your business goals and align them to a strategic roadmap that ensures continuous innovation. Instead of one-off projects and a constant struggle for new funding, a product management model sets the expectation that your intranet will keep improving over time.

As SharePoint partners we provide SharePoint managed services so that we can keep providing expertise on all things SharePoint when you need it.

SharePoint Managed Services

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