SharePoint Consulting for Cloud Services

SharePoint Consulting for O365 

On-Premise, Pri​vate Cloud,
O365, or hybrid?

Will will listen to your goals and assist in reviewing the pros / cons of each for your situation.

We provide a more seamless user experience for Hybrid scenarios specifically focused around collaboration and search workloads. Taking your organization to the “cloud,” is not a decision to undertake lightly, and it demands thoughtful consideration of the practical, financial, technological, contractual and ethical issues. 

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With our Managed SharePoint plus a hosting platform, you’ll never have to implement, update, troubleshoot, patch, monitor, or administer your SharePoint.  Many hosting plans can save you up to 60% compared to On-Premise SharePoint deployments.

We Can Help:

  • Navigate advantages & disadvantages of various cloud options
  • Explain cloud licensing options
  • Strategize architecture for future growth
  • Plan hybrid scenarios focused around collaboration and search

Microsoft-Office-365-Consulting Cloud Productivity with Office 365

Office 365 combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of next-generation communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online,contacts, and calendars on nearly any device - always backed up by robust security, reliability, and control to run your business.

Advantages of Office 365:

  • Familiar Office platform at a great price point. Great for smaller companies with discreet needs. Having predictable and known costs associated with your adoption curve. Great for "proof of concepts" and getting to know SharePoint.
  • Outsourcing the hassle of installing, managing, patching, and upgrading complex software systems. (we provide managed services for On-Premise)
  • In addition, when you sign up for enterprise licensing of Office 365, you also gain licensing rights to On-Premise deployments. This capability makes it possible to store extremely sensitive data or user portals on site.
  • SharePoint Online communications and content management features are nearly identical for on-prem SharePoint.
  • Social features are very strong - use secure Enterprise-class social media to broaden communications and share insights
  • Microsoft is adding new features often like - Chart, Delph, Power BI.

Disadvantages of Office 365:

  • Larger companies may find hidden obstacles when they mature into features of collaboration, business automation, and integration with backend data systems.
  • Relying on network and bandwidth. If your Internet provider goes down, then you haven’t any access to your enterprise software and data.
  • Having data controlled by someone other than your employees. Your data is hosted in Microsoft’s data center. Data compliance may be an issue. There's no easy way to get your data back after it's been placed into O365. You can't access the database directly so if you decide to move On-Premise or a private cloud it's not so easy.
  • There are 15 years' worth of SharePoint add-ons that likely won't be available for O365 for a long time (if ever).
  • Embarrassingly poor online support. The least-expensive Office 365 plans offer online support only. That online-only support could be sufficient if its forums were easy to navigate and answers easy to find. Unfortunately, neither is the case.
  • When you consider all the O365 factors it may turn out that some version of hybrid cloud makes more sense for you.

Our 80/20 Rule

Let us work with you to discuss your business objectives. Our 80/20 rule means we always start discussing business goals 80% of the time and 20% of the time is in designing technology to meet those goals. We can assist you to decide between on-Premise, Private cloud, Office 365, or hybrid - as it makes the best sense for your organization for the long run.

Microsoft-SharePoint-Azure-Consulting What is Azure?

It can be hard to understand when even Microsoft describes it as "Power, Pipe, & Ping".
(yes they really said that)

Technically Azure is Microsoft's cloud platform and is an industry leader for both
- infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
- platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

It's Been Hard To Calculate Pricing...

The SharePoint 2019 farm template comes in two flavors

  • A basic two-tier SharePoint 2019 farm (SP + SQL + DC)
  • A Highly Available SharePoint Farm (2 WFE + 2 APP + 2 SQL + 2 DC)

So How Much Does it Cost?

A Basic two-tier farm design shown below on for 8 hrs/day for 20 hours/month is about $170/month. Yes, you are charged by when it's on. Welcome to the future.

DC SQL SharePoint
VM Template A1 A5 A4
RAM 1.75 GB 14 GB 14 GB
Number of Cores 1 2 8


SharePoint Managed Services

SharePoint intranets need to be constantly changing to keep up with a business's needs. At their best, intranets are used for every aspect of an organizations activity, whether it's keeping staff informed, or providing them with everyday tools and applications. For that reason SimpleSharePoint provides SharePoint managed services so that we can be your dedicated support and advisor.

Based on our experience with hundreds of SharePoint deployments and our exclusive alignment with Microsoft, we are able to offer the most comprehensive expertise, bridging the gap between business and technology.

SharePoint Managed Services

Microsoft Gold Partner SharePoint Consultants