Global Announcements for SharePoint



  • Global Announcements
    Vital messages delivered site wide!

    IT people love this app for Network maintenance notices! A simple yet powerful tool to post important alerts, notifications and portal updates for everything from breaking news, to service windows and outages, to important reminders.

    Why did we build it?

    ​Global Announcements allows site administrators to notify users of service events and outages without the hassle of emailing individual users about it.

    • Site Service Windows and Outage Notices
    • Company Wide Announcements
    • Reminders for End of Fiscal Year Tasks
    • HR Reminders
    • Breaking Local News
    • Severe Weather Alerts

    What does it do?

    Global Announcements provides a prominent location on every page in your site for a post. Perfect for important notices, centrally configured, with date/time to display. Can be set to show at top or bottom or page and look as you want via HTML.

    • Plain and formatted text
    • Formatted tables
    • Internal and External Hyperlinks
    • HTML
    • Images
    • Videos