People Finder SharePoint Staff Directory and OrgChart



  • People Finder
    ​Find People, Phones, Offices and Email Fast!

    A one click app to to quickly find employee contact information. Generate printable department lists and see a mini staff directory of managers, and direct reports.

    Why did we build it?

    ​​​​Sometimes a simple app is the best. Its small size makes it easy to integrate in the site design, no need for a separate page. With People Finder on your intranet home page its just one click to find staff and any of these fields. Or one click to make a printable directory list! Which fields display are configured via choice fields within the webpart. It also instantly links to a staff directory!

    What does it do?

    Put in part of a name and a pop-up list appears of offices, departments, names, locations, and you can navigate in any direction via hyper-links! There are many fields possible to display configure via a web browser. Can generate department lists and printable directories.

    • Based on Active Directory, no need for User Profiles, works with WSS and Foundation
    • Define fields to present in search results and give them user-friendly names
    • Show employee photo
    • Small size to integrate in the site design, no need for a separate page
    • Search by name, position and department, city, and title.
    • Searches Active Directory's entire forest or specific tree

    Avalible Fields:

    • First name, Last name, Description
    • Title, Manager, Department, Location, Company
    • Phone, Mobile Phone, IP Phone, Pager, Home Phone
    • Email
    • Web page
    • Street, PO Box, City, State, Zip Code, Country
    • Fax