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    ​Manage SharePoint suggestions & questions!

    It’s never been more important to hear the voice of your valuable staff.

    By harnessing your team’s collective wisdom, SimpleSubmit helps that next innovative idea become the winning product that beats your competition to market.

    Managing ideas may seem a strange concept to some. Do ideas need to be managed? Surely if someone has a great idea they will tell the boss and it will be seized upon and implemented straight away. And if it’s not implemented it means it was a rubbish idea anyway, right?

    Sadly not true, all too often ideas get lost, remain unspoken and forgotten about. Generating ideas is generally not a problem for most companies, but managing the ideas is. This is where idea management comes in….
    Idea management puts a structure to the process of collecting and capturing ideas within an organization or community.


    Why did we build it?

    ​​​​For management of user suggestions, questions, or reports of “bugs”.  SP question center can have workflows to escalate bugs direct to SP admin. This site would be both useful for design feedback and educational for workflow design. For instance the enhancements category could grow into an ideation process management system. For example – a user requests a feature – you vet the merits of it in a process, and then spawn emails to us for ROM assessment which is added in. Then worthy requests are presented periodically to your steering committee.?

    SP Question Center captures ideas to improve SharePoint, and manages the 3 E's of Innovation for your SharePoint:

    • Engage: Widen the Idea Pipeline, Engaging large communities in the innovation process produces a positive side-effect: it generates a significant number of ideas. This is a good problem to have: a larger pool of ideas increases the chances of finding a valuable innovation, but it poses a management challenge because it introduces the need to evaluate a large number of ideas without increasing headcount and creating costly overhead issues.

    • Evolve: Turn Ideas into Action, Evolving ideas requires teams to collaborate to develop and formulate the idea. These teams are often cross-functional and span geographies. For example, a product innovation idea usually requires input on strategic alignment, value proposition, audience, target market, and an assessment of the company’s ability to execute against the idea.

    • Evaluate: Strategically Prioritize Innovation Investments, As an organization becomes effective at engaging more stakeholders and widening the idea innovation pipeline, it becomes important to select and prioritize ideas. The collection of ideas needs to be evaluated based upon feedback from crowds as well as specialists

    What does it do?

    SP Question Center is a configurable SharePoint solution that is an Agile Innovation Management system. To the end user it appears to be very simple location for users to ask questions. “Did I find a SharePoint bug or do I not know how to do something? Or is it possible for SharePoint to be enhanced with a new idea”?