StickyNote for SharePoint



  • StickyNote
    ​Just add it from your web part gallery to place a post-it note on a webpage.
    • Add text, formatting and images as neede​d
    • Resize sticky note to fit the area​

    Why did we build it?

    ​​​​​​Some sites should have a designated notice that states what the security is for the site, and lists the responsible person to notify in case there are content errors. Using SP Sticky Notes creates a consistent interface for placing this key information on the page.

    Also find it very useful for adding to a page that contains workflows to explain to users how to use it!​

    What does it do?

    StickyNote is a simple but useful app to bring sticky notes to your SharePoint Site. You can put small colorful reminders on a white wall and its a fantastic way to present notes on a page.