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    Talent ​Recruitment Process Automation

    ​Making a good impression on candidates at interviews is critical if you want to attract the best talent. Many employers lose out on the best candidates with paperwork hassles. TalentFinder saves time and mistakes for both sides.

    Why did we build it?

    ​​Once candidates begin to engage with your organization, your goal is to turn those talented individuals into applicants. That success is dependent upon a favorable first impression during the recruiting phase. Recruitment can often be a tedious task having to go through so many people for approval. With this app it'll be the end of stress in the recruitment process.

    What does it do?

    Alerts keep people informed on what they have to do to keep the process moving and there's even a requisition process, that helps jump start the recruitment process by letting people request a new position. At each stage the appropriate person is alerted through customizable e-mails and at any time you can see the status and progress of a candidate. At the end of the process, e-mails are sent notifying the candidate. This allows the HR department to view document statuses, review submitted materials and learn which tasks have yet to be completed. With configuration of permissions all of this information can be made available to other interested audiences. By the end of the recruitment process, HR has a history of all the information collected from specific personnel, as well as when it was received through SharePoint – not email. Completely customizable so that it fits your company.
    • The process can be started either by forwarding candidates CV’s via email or by adding an item to the recruitment list.
    • The process contains five stages: HR Recruiter (has four sub stages using a wizard mode form), Technical Interview HR Interview, Division Approval and HR Final Approval.
    • The system sends auto-rejection letters and job offers (as a PDF file).
    • Receive email notification on any stage.
    • The current stage of the process can be tracked by color-coded items on the recruitment list.