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May 04
How OneDrive Can Help You Do Even More Work

For all of the people who just love working weekends it can be quite a hassle to access important documents from home. Fortunately for all of those go-getters, OneDrive has a new feature that lets you synch a SharePoint document library with a folder on your local machine. That way you can work all weekend without having to go into the office or spending lots of time trying to access your work from home. I bet this is just what you've been wishing for your whole life! I know as a SharePoint consultant it's extremely helpful to be able to access documents and work at any time when I'm not in the office. People may say I have no life, but gosh darn I have my documents!

How to Synch a Document Library to your Local Machine:

  • Start Internet Explorer and type the URL for your organization's SharePoint server. The Start page will open.
  • Navigate to the document library that you want to synchronize to a local folder. The document library page will open.
  • In the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Sync link. The Microsoft SkyDrive Pro dialog box will open.

    Figure 1: The SkyDrive Pro Dialog Box

  • To change the location of the shared folder on your local machine, click Change. The Browse for Folder dialog box will open.

    Figure 2: The Browse for Folder Dialog Box

  • Navigate to the location you want the new folder to be, then click OK. The Browser for Folder dialog will close.
  • Click Sync Now. The contents of the library will be synced to your computer.
  • Click the Show My Files button. Windows Explorer will open to the folder in which the document library's files were synced.


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