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Jan 20
SharePoint Document Management - Policies and Procedures

Managing documents is how many companies live and breathe, but it's not always easy to have the perfect system to handle documents. Luckily SharePoint has an amazing platform for document management and there are many out-of-the-box features that can quickly be leveraged to create automated solutions for handling documents. SharePoint provides a solid foundation for building advanced document solutions and as SharePoint consultants we can help you use SharePoint to its full potential.

This post provides an overview of a document management solution for managing policies and procedures.

Key Success Factors

  • Making the Document and Record store easy to visualize and navigate
  • Minimizing Metadata entry by users as they save documents
  • Allowing Users to work in familiar Microsoft Office applications
  • Custom-Tailoring of Search
  • Integrating with Line of Business applications (without requiring extra effort by users)
  • Secure access from anywhere, on any device
  • Collaborative editing (Co-Authoring) of documents

Making the Document / Record store easy to Visualize and Navigate

  • Home Page


  • Policy Chapters


  • Admin can Edit Chapter Titles and Order


  • Policies and based on a Content type based on a customized Word document


  • Uploaded Documents Metadata entry


  • Manage all Documents for Admin only


  • Document Versioning


  • Policies have an Effective Data and a hidden calculated field to calculate when the next review is due (3 years in this demo).


  • Policies can be Archived via a Workflow


  • When you start the Archive Workflow Admin is asked questions about document being archived (moved to another secure folder)



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