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May 03
Why SharePoint Managed Services are a Great Value

As SharePoint consultants we are contacted by companies for SharePoint migrations and upgrades and other more specialized projects. Because SharePoint is not like other tools it needs extra guidance and careful management. When you buy an email server you know you will be getting email, and when you buy an SQL server you know that you will have a place for your databases. When you get SharePoint however, you get a big box of Legos and you can build anything you want from them so go for it! What most often happens is people chug along for a year or two and then decide they really need to get some help, and that's where we come in as SharePoint consultants.

Portals Need Ongoing Nurturing

Due to the nature of SharePoint, and even when projects have firm success metrics, you're still not really done. A SharePoint portal is much more like a product than a series of projects. And these are usually broken down into the following categories:

  • Care and Feeding (patching, monitoring, reporting)
  • Advice, which is often times simply guidance for which feature to use in which way; and for information architecture
  • Enhancements, which can mean simply new sites or leveraging many of the centralized features of SharePoint technology
  • Evangelism to push ahead toward long term goals such as migration of file shares into SharePoint with tagging to make them easy to find

Some companies decide that they're going to take their current IT person for their helpdesk and train them to support SharePoint, and other companies recruit SharePoint administrators and their success can be quite mixed. If a SharePoint administrator had some experience with 2010 what does that mean for 2013 or 2016? And when you consider that it's widely recognized that no one person can know all of SharePoint it makes sense to consider having a team of people to support your SharePoint. This is where SharePoint Managed Services from a team of SharePoint consultants can provide resources that no one SharePoint administrator could fill. We fulfill the needs of the in-house SharePoint administrator, and provide our years or expertise and guidance for all of the needs listed above.

A SharePoint Managed Service agreement is typically about half the price of a single full-time SharePoint administrator, so for half the price you get much more value than an in-house SharePoint admin could possibly provide.


We love helping with SharePoint and it's all we do so feel free to contact us!

Mention this post and we can discuss whatever challenges you're facing and demonstrate how we have helped other companies to get more from SharePoint.


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