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Jul 13
Great Intranets are delivered by Successful Teams

Great intranets are delivered by successful teams. This is a process of continuous improvement. Successful teams encounter the same challenges as everyone else, but are equipped to push through them.

Fifteen years ago, when we started as SharePoint consultants, the level of intranet best practices was almost non-existent. Client teams felt isolated, and we were learning alongside them. This has changed enormously over the years, with the flowering of the intranet community, and the maturing of intranet best practices.

Modern intranet teams know a lot, across a wide range of topics, from content and UX, to strategy and change management. That's not to say they know everything about all topics, but most teams are willing to jump in and learn.

It's for this reason we often find that many intranet teams need advice, not consulting.

Get expert advice

Many intranet and digital workplace teams are knowledgeable and experienced. Despite this, teams inevitably have areas of strength (which they focus on) and weaknesses (which they avoid). This is reflected in the intranets that they create and sustain.

In many cases, teams need advice and input to address these gaps in SharePoint implementation, not a huge consulting engagement.

This kind of advisory or mentoring engagement is useful when:

  • You need a second opinion, or expert advice, when key decisions need to be made.
  • There's a skill gap to fill, which can be addressed by knowledge transfer.
  • There are complex problems to resolve, such as global intranets, or large-scale technology decisions.
  • You would benefit from input on what other organizations have done, including what worked (and what didn't!).
  • You need help quickly, and a formal RFP to get consulting help just won't move fast enough.

For us, this type of engagement is often the most enjoyable. We get to work alongside smart teams throughout a project, often only jumping in when there's hard stuff to work out. This is why, some 10+ years after we created the service model, we're still going strong.

Our advisory engagements range from a few hours on Skype to international clients, through to a year of progressive support and advice. Either way, you're in complete control on where and when your 'budget' of help is used.

But don't forget consulting

While advice can address targeted issues and questions when they arrive, there is still a role for traditional consulting engagements.

Consulting is needed when:

  • You need boots on the ground, providing much-needed extra time and resources.
  • You've got a lot to do, and consulting will allow you to quickly get to the desired outcome.
  • You need deep expertise, in an area that is not well-covered by your team members.
  • Your boss needs structure, with a clear timetable and deliverables.

At SimpleSharepoint, our consulting services cover key enterprise topics, including digital workplaces, intranets, collaboration, and information worker productivity.

Get the right help

Every type of engagement adds value. To get the greatest benefits, start by considering whether you need ongoing advice and support, or a targeted consulting project. Either way, we're here to help, so get in touch!

We love helping with SharePoint and it's all we do so feel free to contact us!

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