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Mar 18
What is a SharePoint on Line Team Site? – Part 2

In this article we will continue to delve into what the O365 environment can offer. SimpleSharePoint provides SharePoint consulting to help you understand what is possible with this site.

The team site home page contains various default web parts. For example, there is a News section where you can create and display posts about important or interesting items for your team. Just click +Add, create your story, and then click Publish to display the story at the top of the team site home page. To view the entire article, just click the headline.

You can find older news stories by clicking See all in the top right corner of the News section. Here you can browse all news articles published by the team. For more information about Team News, see "Keep your team updated with News on your team site".


You may also see a Quick Links section where you can add a link to files or web pages to the top of the page. Just click +Add and either enter the URL or select an item from a list of recent files or web pages. For more information about this web part, see "Use the Quick Links web part".


The home page also contains an activity feed that lets you see, at a glance, when someone adds or edits a file, page, or list on your site. For more information about this web part, see Use the Site Activity web part.

There may also be a section that displays links to files on the team site home page. For more information, see Use the File viewer web part

Editing the home page   

If you have edit or owner permissions on the site, you can edit the home page by clicking Edit in the top right corner of the page, making your changes, and then choosing Save and close to save your changes and close edit mode. Click Publish if you're ready for users to see your changes. For more information about editing the home page of your team site, see using web parts on pages.

Integration with Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups is a powerful and productive platform that brings together conversations and calendar from Outlook, information and files from SharePoint, tasks from Planner, and a shared OneNote notebook into a single collaboration space for your team. All new and existing Office 365 Groups get a team site.

When you create a team site in SharePoint Online, an Office 365 Group is automatically created and any users you add to your team site are automatically added to your Office 365 Group. Similarly, when you create an Office 365 Group, a SharePoint team site is automatically created and any users you add to your Office 365 Group get added to the team site. All members of the Office 365 Group have access to the team site and all members of the team site have access to the Office 365 Group. Members can add additional document libraries, lists, and web apps as needed. There's no need to create a distribution list or a SharePoint group.

In addition to accessing your document library files directly from your team site, you can also get to them by clicking Files in the top navigation bar of your Office 365 Group. To get to the team site associated with your Office 365 Group, just click Site.

Getting Back

To get back to your Office 365 Group from the team site, just click the site title to open the Group card and click one of the links at the bottom of the card.


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