Our SharePoint Vendor Partners


Microsoft SharePoint



Microsoft Corporation is the world’s largest independent software company, their unique focus is to make information sharing possible. The division we work with is the office suite division with Microsoft SharePoint. We have worked with Microsoft business products for t​​wenty years and currently have the highest possible certifications for SharePoint.

AISN SharePoint

​AIS Network


AIS Network is a high security, cloud hostin​g service.  Their high standards for security ensure complete safety for data of any type.

Metalogix SharePoint




Metalogix creates complex tools to manage and help users and developers get the most out of SharePoint, Office 365 and other Microsoft products.

Infowise SharePoint




Infowise specializes in creating tools and applications to make SharePoint and Office products both simpler and more powerful.​

Collabion SharePoint



Collabion allows users to create complex charts and dashboards using SharePoint, all without the need to type a single line of code.

​​Bamboo Solutions SharePoint

​Bamboo Solutions 


We often use Bamboo's extensive library of web parts and accelerators for our SharePoint projects. They are one of the original web parts providers that extended SharePoint functionality.

Lightning Tools SharePoint

​Lightning Tools 


Lightning To​​ols is a provider of Web Parts and Tools for SharePoint. Lightning Tools specializes in Business Connectivity Services tools, Permission Management, Aggregation and Social Forums.

Amrein Engineering SharePoint

​Amrein Engineering 


Amrein​ Engineering AG was founded in 1985 and is known for their many custom web parts.​