SharePoint Applications



  • SimpleHelpdeskSystem
    Simple to customize to your business processes

    ​​A flexible Help Desk system based on SharePoint. Very easy to customize to your business processes. Tickets transform into Knowledge Base.

    Why did we build it?

    ​Our firm wanted a flexible system for our use servicing our clients. We surveyed leading help desk systems like RT and have been polishing the design ever since. Get a demo of our internal helpdesk and you will be impressed. Its fully customizable without coding so it can be adapted to your business processes.

    ​​​HelpDesk is a turnkey helpdesk solution for your SharePoint. Dashboards help management track customer satisfaction with metrics such as issues resolution time, survey results, customer specific dashboards and customer service representative performance. We can add custom views and personalize for each staff person by using audiences and link to data contained in other software systems as suits your business requirements.

    What does it do?

    HelpDesk helps IT teams service requests from inception through to cause identification, initial solution, escalation and resolution.  Automated task oriented pages display relevant information for each service request and an integrated knowledge base system.

    • Service requests can be entered by service representatives, directly by end users or emailed in. End users will only be able to edit a subset of fields relevant to ticket creation. Alerts may be configured to notify the support team when a new ticket is created or thank user for ticket submission.
    • The request then is assigned to a person responsible for resolving the issue. A customizable email message is then sent to that person automatically.
    • Once assigned, the resolution steps are entered as they are taken in an iterative process, until the request can be closed. You can break down the resolution process into a set of task and track each task on an individual basis. Each task can be assigned to a different person and have its own due date and progress status.
    • Once resolved, the service request can be used as a basis for a KB article. With a single click you can generate a new KB article containing the resolution steps of the request. You can then edit the text of the article separately from the underlying support ticket, while still linking to it for reference.