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The US Army 81st regional readiness command is located in Alabama. It is known as "the home of the wildcats".

The Challenge

To comply with security requirements all work was completed on-site within a limited time frame and worked within their secure environment. We best describe it as the closest thing you can have to "Iron Chef SharePoint." but with mystery ingredients. Ed Grossman was onsite in a cavernous frigid servers room that housed over 80 servers, and was told "make it happen. Find the server and wipe its data". Then we had a DELL server with no drivers or internet access. There happened to be some visiting HQ techs that had a DELL driver disc that saved the day.


Can you find the SharePoint server?
Just make its NIC lights blink!

What We Did

This project was a comprehensive collection of services that included design and development of a portal using SharePoint 2010. The following tasks were performed with Government guidance, supervision, and direction:

    • Identify the major requirements that will drive the design of SharePoint implementation.
    • Review current hierarchy and make recommendations regarding navigation, information architecture, user groups and permissions, and document management policies.
    • Recommend optimum topology and software and hardware.
    • Provide training/customization on how to best make use of the core features.
    • Installation and configuration of hardware/software (this part was unique because we could not find the server in the room of 80 servers until we figured out how to make it blink).
    • Brand/theme portal and design assistance.
    • Document backup/recovery plan for SharePoint environment.
    • Implement enhanced security configuration.
    • Integrate GAL or Active Directory into a corporate directory.
    • Provision a new helpdesk site.

The Result

After an intensive week of working around the clock, they let us leave the base - they were happy with our work, and everyone was merrily adding documents into SharePoint and conducting ongoing peer to peer training. Wildcats Never Quit!


Ed Grossman - Onsite finding 2003 Portal, and Building new 2007 Wildcat Portal


  Port of data from 2003 done in record time! 


First impressions matter and as one of the oldest provider of SharePoint consulting services we understand how important branding is. Please contact us to see some of the SharePoint branding services that we provided for other companies and how will we can help yours.

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