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MARS is well known for Snickers, M&Ms, and Uncle Ben's rice brands. Since 1969, MEI has developed the industry's most advanced, secure, and convenient bill and coin acceptor technology. 


The Challenge

MEI was not efficiently using the marketing of the internet. They needed a developer that was able to work with marketing departments in Philadelphia and England, provide technology leadership, and translate conventional media materials to the world wide web for both the public and internal sales force through an intranet.

What We Did

We worked closely with marketing and design teams, organized available materials, and then carefully migrated over 80 product literature sheets, magazine ads, and distributor-oriented integration specs to a web application. The internal and external webs featured a CMS (content management system) that provided web-based updates for Announcements and trade show Calendars.

    • We designed and developed a public website with taxonomy for housing products data sheets
    • An intranet for secure distribution of sales literature

MarsElectPublic.jpgMars Electronic International Scott Wheeler Testimonial

Mars Electronic International Portal Screenshot MarsElectPublic2000.jpg
High Tech Industries Manufacturing


Branding Content Management Solution Corporate Site Extranet Portal Intranet Portal

Technology Stack

SharePoint 2007 SQL 2005


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