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​MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center (PSFC) is recognized as one of the leading university research laboratories in the physics and engineering aspects of magnetic and inertial fusion. The central focus of PSFC activities has been to create a scientific and engineering base for the development of fusion power. Nevertheless, non-fusion applications involving plasmas at the PSFC are numerous and diverse. A recent example is the significant growth of programs in plasma-based technologies, including environmental remediation and hydrogen production.

The Challenge ​

A new stand-alone SharePoint farm was setup including SQL 2008 SP2 for the implementation of the new web application and for additional use for new SharePoint solutions.

What We Did

We worked closely with MIT PSFC to determine the specification for the new application to replace the existing application. PSFC has been using PHP and Django for tools to create web applications. The software design was firmed up and built out and was securely accessible by PSFC staff to interact and test the site. The new application was then moved to the client site for completion and testing.

The Result

In 2013 we created a new farm for the audit department:

    • Intranet
    • Public facing
    • Advanced security using FBA


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