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     Stamford, Connecticut-based SAC Capital, a diversified hedge fund that uses both fundamental and quantitative analysis based approaches.  


The Challenge

While SAC was using several portal products to run its extremely lucrative hedge fund consulting firm, the owner felt that there was not enough communication of company wellness and people-oriented communications. They asked us if we could build them an intranet that looked nothing like SharePoint and would have tabs, and basically show everything that they wanted to see on one page.

What We Did

We did a very comprehensive digital experience design project that created a beautiful design, which still gets excellent feedback. The front page or homepage surfaced data from many disparate locations within the system, and an admin area carefully provided a one-stop location to update information that would then be populated on the homepage.

The Result

The results were excellent communications and the portal was very well received and deemed a big success. Branding and user interface is vital to the user experience.



Having good branding is the key to having a good user experience. If a user cannot find anything on a site because it's too cluttered and messy, they're not going to have a good time. Please contact us to see some of the SharePoint branding services that we provided for other companies and how we can help yours.

Financial Services


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Technology Stack

SharePoint 2010 SQL 2005


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