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​ Studer Group® works with healthcare organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and beyond, teaching them how to achieve, sustain, and accelerate exceptional clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Studer Group Portal Screenshot The Challenge

Studer group had an older SharePoint technology and was lacking the focus of strategic vision. They wanted it migrated and hosted temporarily until their facilities were ready to have an on-premises version, and more importantly expert guidance was needed to ensure they were getting the most from their technology investment.

What We Did

We built them a 2010 farm and hosted it ourselves until their facilities were ready, and then we remotely installed a 2010 farm and transferred over the databases. We also did a great deal of knowledge transfer and strategic roadmap in. One of our key business analysts went on site for several days and immersed in the Studer Group culture to get a better vision for how an intranet could assist them with their goals.

We had several content management challenges with this engagement in the sense that intellectual property was their prime asset, and taxonomic categorizing was challenging; as they said, "anything could be anything, based on the circumstances." We devised a unique tagging method with the search for filtering down. This was before Microsoft acquired FAST technologies, and faceted search was not yet practical.

The Result

We collaboratively designed and built a fully functional intranet that was a very unique presentation of information, and that conformed with their cultural messaging and internal methods. In a sense, it was like a big bulletin board for the homepage, and subsites contained large quantities of intellectual property that could be filtered based on many different tagging facets.



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