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​​​United Allergy Services exists to empower physicians, and advance the understanding of immunotherapy as the only known disease-modifying treatment for allergies.

The Challenge

UAS has a uniquely distributed workforce that is fundamentally embedded within doctors' offices throughout the country. They face all the typical communication and collaboration challenges that modern distributed workforces face. They wanted a portal to serve as an intranet, and they wanted to move quickly and set up within the cloud. They especially wanted to have their messaging and branding so that it would have a minimum of training requirements for their users.

What We Did

We deployed our QuickStart portal which is essentially a suite of components for an intranet. This was installed in Office 365, and then we turned our attention to some very deliberate digital and experience design for its branding, and knowledge transfer for its new SharePoint admins.

The Result

It was a tremendous success for communication and collaboration amongst the distributed workforce. It's a solid foundation that will continue to grow over time.

United Allergy Services Portal Screenshot


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