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​​​CPR is a respected underwriting services company serving life and disability clients. S.L. Case and Associates currently provide consulting services and a Case Disability Medical Underwriting Manual for sale to companies in need of those services.

The Challenge

The founder of Case professional resources, Stephen Case, contacted us in 2008 to assist him with moving his SharePoint system off a proprietary host to a new on-premises location with a version upgrade. SharePoint was being used for the content management system with document workflows. The network infrastructure was complex and undocumented. SharePoint was the core of their services offering. Clients had unique sites and staff worked remotely managing documents through a process... When new sites were needed an automated process was needed to create sites. Also, their network was in rough shape with unstable client PCs, iffy servers, and backup processes.

What We Did

    • We renovated their network, fixed PCs, replaced severs, and documented their complex office systems. We found a redundant carrier and consolidated phones, and network ISP.

    • Recreated the environment on our development servers and upgraded it. We redid custom event handlers to use standard windows workflow features. After testing, we transferred the portal to the client site. All work was accomplished with a minimum of client and staff interruption.

    • We built multiple solutions for Case, including a public website for each of its branches, multiple extranets, and an intranet.

    • We built some specialized apps for their resale to clients.

    • In addition to meeting CPR's immediate needs, we formed a lasting partnership which has worked well for both of our companies. In the subsequent years, we've built several public-facing websites, revised their internal network infrastructure (several times), moved from a centralized location to decentralized network, and then assisted in moving strategic components to the cloud.

    The Result

    We've been a reliable partner in technology and have been able to facilitate their vision and goals as business changes arose since 2008.


    We are one of the oldest providers of Microsoft SharePoint consulting services so contact us today so we can help you get the most out of SharePoint! One of the easiest ways to get to know us is with a SharePoint health check! We can quickly review your current configuration and recommend how to better align SharePoint with your business goals.

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