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​CVCAC helps people achieve economic sufficiency with dignity and supports individual and family development. The agency's purpose is to develop and conduct programs designed to eliminate poverty and ensure that such programs maximize the agency's mission of outreach, organization, advocacy, and empowerment of low-income individuals.

CVCAC Portal Screenshot The Challenge

CVCAC is a diverse group of programs, a diverse group of players, funding that changes yearly subject to political aspects and the ebb and flow of our economy. The technology was, of course, crucial for files management, email communication, and to provide process automation efficiencies.

What We Did

It is not an exaggeration to say we did a little bit of everything: building server racks, supplying servers and client machines, designing network infrastructure, building intranets, designing multiple public sites, monitoring the infrastructure, and performing preventive maintenance.

From 2000 to 2007 we partnered with them to augment their IT services. We provided hundreds of computers, all their servers, built their network infrastructure and assisted in its management with their IT director, Curt Whiteway. Of course, we also did what we do best and built them a portal with SharePoint version 2 which was known as SharePoint Team Services or STS, and then 2007, and then 2010 (and a public facing site). Over these years we built multiple document management systems and created numerous business process automation.

CVCAC Portal Screenshot Our assistance also included installation and configuration of Microsoft ISA software-based firewall application that was used to create PPTP WAN links to satellite offices throughout Central Vermont. We also introduced the use of virtual machines to minimize the administrative overhead of multiple physical servers management.

The Result

We provided reliable technology that helped them meet their organizational goals, provided technical guidance, and sought to save them as much money as possible wherever possible by leveraging technology in the most economical fashion.


If you're wondering how to get more out of SharePoint than a good first step is to reach out to an experienced Microsoft SharePoint consulting firm. We have worked with SharePoint since its first version and will be very happy to show you some examples of our work and provide ideas for how you can use it better within your company so contact us today!

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