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Industry: AEC      Locations: 250      Employees: 181,000

Odebrecht Organization is a Brazilian conglomerate consisting of diversified businesses in the fields of engineering, construction, chemicals and petrochemicals. The company was founded in 1944. Odebrecht is a global organization of Brazilian origin and has a presence in 27 countries. They are a leading AEC group. 

The Challenge

Odebrecht had a SharePoint portal server that was not logically laid out. They had a tremendous need for document management and needed expert guidance on what direction to go for categorizing their documents and how to expand the information architecture of their portal sites.

What We Did

We built out their information architecture and set up metadata for tagging documents. We were able to come up with a system that was both friendly the use and intuitive by adding in custom navigation trees. This enhanced user interface speeded adoption, and improved "findability"

The Result

Staff were able to find the documents that they needed and they also were able to know where they were supposed to put the documents ("putability") for storage.

This concept of findability and putability is at the core of any good content management system like SharePoint.

Construction (AEC)


Branding Content Management Solution Document Solution Intranet Portal

Technology Stack

SharePoint 2003 SQL 2005


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