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A famous not-for-profit technology consulting firm (name withheld by request) that provides specialty information technology consulting to New York state agencies. With multiple offices in New York, they help organizations acquire new IT and communications systems, or undertake more gradual system improvements.

The Challenge

Sharing files with clients via FTP was insufficient, so this Tech Company stood up EPMLive as a solution for collaboration with select clients. It was cumbersome for internal staff to reach this environment because its authentication was not federated, the environment was somewhat awkward to use, and not compatible with all browsers. Additionally, the information architecture was less than ideal and had several web apps that were related. Also as a result of a domain name security change within SharePoint 2007, it was a bit of a mess and was impairing workflows and search functionality. As SharePoint Consultants we were able to help them improve their business further.

What We Did

After completing an upgrade project to move them from SharePoint 2007 to 2013, we built an extranet that contained a project management system using some data from MS Dynamics, highlights of which are shown below as bulleted points.

    • Built a portfolio project management system that contains project management dashboards, and a standardized project management template that will replace their current system and EPMLive.
    • Built scripts for automatic setup of new projects. Made it externally available and set up so that clients would use security from a separate SQL database and not use AD security.
    • Created a proposal management system that starts with an opportunity and goes to a proposed site, then converts into a project site, and archives completed projects.
    • Data integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL

The Results

As with all complex collaboration systems, nurturing, evolution, and adoption of this portal are still ongoing. However, it's certainly furthered the organization's taxonomy and management of files and provided process automation in a number of places, including project start-up transition from an opportunity to project, and formalized project closeout.


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