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David Vedder is board certified in Immigration & Nationality Law. As a law firm solely focused on the practice of immigration law, they have had the opportunity to handle a wide range of immigration cases, including the most straightforward to the most complex. The firm has handled more than 10,000 cases during more than 35 years of experience! 

The Challenge

The number of individual files that were contained within folders exceeded limits for document storage. Additionally, their search was not functional or optimal to address their process of conducting business.

What We Did

After completing a thorough health check otherwise known as a SharePoint audit we found a number of areas to optimize in their current on-premise SharePoint installation. 
We reduced the number of document versions using PowerShell scripts and did some restructuring of their information architecture. This greatly enhanced the source data area prepared it for a migration.
We next turned our attention to office 365 and prepared a portal that had a better information architecture to meet their needs. We branded this site to look like their public site Within the branding we were several of our custom navigation enhancements including mega menus and simple tabs along with strategic use of accordion menus. and to create some enthusiasm for the cutover.
To support the process we installed some multimedia training videos that would serve as a quick reference guide to the staff.
We placed the source on-premise SharePoint and the office 365 site in what's known as "data synchronization mode". This allowed us to do QA along with the client's internal review to ensure that the new target environment contained all their data and was well designed to meet their needs.
In addition to their intranet, we also built a client facing portal for use as an extranet. This allowed transfer of files in a secure manner along with business rules for notification and management of upload files.

The Results

The project was a big success in several aspects:
    • There was zero business interruption
    • Staff could now locate files much faster
    • Search was enabled in several scopes with custom search results pages
    • Information architecture was put within best practices to avoid future limitations



Reaching out to an experienced SharePoint consulting firm is the first step in getting to know us. We have worked with SharePoint since its first version and will be very happy to show you some examples of our work and provide ideas for how you can use it better within your company so contact us today!

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